S ample-Equipment.Com has been associated with several manufacturers of sampling equipment for both laboratory and process, primarily for mining, mineral processing and chemical industries. Users of our equipment include Dupont, Dow, RTZ, Barrick, Freeport McMoran, Newmont, Mittal Steel, Penoles, Mexicana de Cobre and a host of other companies.

For the past year, and until December 2014, Sample Equipment.Com is not, has not, provided sample equipment directly or indirectly to users. We will advertise only those companies that have quality equipment for sampling, both from a scientific perspective and manufacturing perspective.

For specific or custom sampling applications, provide adequate details of the process, the material to be sampled, flow rates, to our advertisers and or reccomended companies, and perhaps, they can provide a system for accurate, reproducible sampling for the application.

We will also provide some technical and application information on sampling, which our users may find beneficial and or informative. In order to maintain a high degree of quality control, a good sampling plan must be in place and it must be implemented with suitable sampling equipment.

Sample Equipment.Com averages 70,000 visitors a year.

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